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Imponderabilia is a multidisciplinary student journal, a platform to share and exchange ideas, criticisms and reflections on anything anthropological (in the widest sense of the word - on anything related to culture and society). With contributions from students from different countries and disciplines, Imponderabilia tries to blur and overcome the boundaries between institutions, disciplines, theories, and between undergraduates and postgraduates.

Imponderabilia is about dialogue, exchange and interaction. Read the articles and think about them, but don't stop there. Respond with comments and reflections. Propose counterarguments and criticisms. And contribute to the next issue.

2014 Issue

We hope to present in this issue of Imponderabilia the best of both anthropological spheres — decidedly intellectual analysis and raw emotional fieldwork — not as opposing factions, but as vitally interwoven into what we all experience as the compelling power of anthropology.

You can now download the PDF copy of Imponderabilia 2014. We are grateful to all our contributors, and we hope you enjoy this issue.

Imponderabilia; 'a series of phenomena of great importance which cannot possibly be recorded by questioning or computing documents, but have to be observed in their full actuality' — Malinowski, B. [1922] (2002:18) 'Argonauts of the Western Pacific'. Routledge: London

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